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Breastfeeding Advisor

How can you bond with your baby?

The first step to taking in caring for your baby is to develop a bond with your baby.

Newborn babies are so cute that you just want to look at yours all the time. After your baby was born, you'll think "I'm a father!" more than before. But, you'll probably feel uncertain about how to raise or care for your baby.

During her pregnancy, your wife will get to know a lot about baby care. Naturally you may not be able to do the same, but there are things you can do for your baby because you are the father. Do your best and enjoy raising your child with your wife. The first step to taking in caring for your baby is to develop a bond with your baby.

Understanding primitive reflexes

Primitive reflexes are unconscious movements seen in babies. All human babies are born with these characteristic reflexes. As the baby grows, most of these primitive reflexes will gradually disappear, at different stages for different babies.

  • Rooting reflex

When something touches a baby’s mouth, she will reflexively close her lips over it and begin latching on. This reflex is known as the rooting reflex. Also, when you put your finger in your baby’s mouth, she will suck heartily on it. This is another primitive reflex called the sucking reflex. (They last until the baby is about 4 or 5 months old.)

Try it! Touch your baby’s lips.

  • Exploratory reflex

When you touch a baby on the cheek, she will turn her head in the direction of the stimulus.

Try it! Touch your baby’s mouth or cheek.

  • Palmar grasp reflex

When you place your finger on the palm of your baby’s hand, she will grasp it. You may think that the grip is quite strong. (This reflex lasts until the age of about 6 months.)

Try it! Place your finger on your baby’s palm.


Understand the basics of how your baby develops!

Development of baby's mouth,hand,and foot.

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