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Breastfeeding Advisor

Pregnancy during the breastfeeding period

It’s important to understand about pregnancy and breastfeeding while you are nursing

The possibility of pregnancy during the breastfeeding period

Breastfeeding decreases the possibility of getting pregnant, but you can get pregnant during the breastfeeding period.
The ability to get pregnant is greatly influenced by breastfeeding frequency. Infrequent breastfeeding increases the chance of ovulation, while even after your periods have started again, they may stop in the case of frequent breastfeeding. On average, periods start again one year and 3 months post partum.

Whether to keep breastfeeding or not

Decide whether to keep breastfeeding or not after considering carefully the baby's appearance and your own wishes. If you want to keep on breastfeeding, consult a medical expert. However, it is said that approximately 60-70% babies are weaned naturally.

Some reasons for this is that

  • The baby stops drinking because of changes in the amount and composition of breastmilk during pregnancy.
  • The mother decreases breastfeeding because of nipple pain and discomfort caused by hormones during pregnancy.
  • It is time for weaning regardless of pregnancy.

Additionally, the baby may start drinking breastmilk again after the new baby is born, even if he stopped drinking during pregnancy.

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