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Breastfeeding Advisor

Freezing and frozen storage of breastmilk

Preserve nutrient-rich breastmilk in an appropriate way

There are times when a mother can't breastfeed her baby for many reasons. Sometimes you just want to preserve excess breastmilk. In such cases, you can express breastmilk in an appropriate way and freeze or refrigerate to give it to your baby later.
Breastmilk can generally be preserved in a freezer (about -18oC) for about 3 weeks. It can be preserved in a refrigerator (5oC and below) for up to 24 hours. The antibodies and other components of breastmilk show little change during these periods. However, breastmilk produced by the mother's body changes in composition according to the baby's growth. It's better to use frozen or refrigerated breastmilk as soon as possible.
Other precautions for handling breastmilk are below;

  Freezer (Approx.-18℃) Refrigerator
Fresh breast milk 3 weeks 24 hours
Thawed breast milk but not warmed Do not refreeze 24 hours


  • Breastmilk that has been warmed once should not be refrigerated or frozen.
  • Breastmilk should not be microwaved, as much of the nutritive value will be lost.
  • Breastmilk should not be preserved at room temperature.
  • Use stored breastmilk as soon as possible,regardless of the storage life.

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