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Breastfeeding Advisor

Returning to work

It's a good idea to continue breastfeeding after returning to work

Continue breastfeeding after you return to work.
Breastmilk will keep the relationship between you and your baby close when you can't be with your baby.
Seek the understanding of your family, employer and child-care worker so that you can balance a career and raising your child.

Advantages of breastfeeding while working

  1. Helps relieve the anxiety of mother and baby when they have to spend a long time away from each other, and makes child-rearing easier.
  2. Provides happy feelings and bonding, which makes up for the long time apart.
  3. Prolactin functions to relax a breastfeeding mother. The mother can relieve the fatigue of work by taking care of the baby.
  4. Babies who spend time in nursery centers are more likely to develop infections, and it is said that the immune factors and infection prevention effects of breastmilk help prevent this.

Management after returning to work

You'll need a breast pump so that you can express breastmilk at the office.
It is best to freeze the breastmilk that you express during the day, and have it thawed and given to baby at the nursery center.
You can express breastmilk a little at a time during breaks. It helps relieve breast engorgement, and as you can easily breastfeed at night and on holidays, it helps to prevent decreases in the amount of breastmilk produced.
Make use of facilities such as nursing rooms, which enable mothers to express breastmilk.

Tips for returning to work during the breastfeeding period

  1. Breastfeed directly before and after work.
  2. Tell the child-care worker not to feed the baby very much just before the time you pick the baby up.
  3. Express breastmilk at the office as necessary, even a little bit at a time.
  4. It's a good idea to bring something that will relax you (such as your baby's photo) to look at while expressing breastmilk at the workplace.
  5. Dress in clothes that enable you to breastfeed or express milk easily.
  6. Breastfeed frequently at night and on weekends.

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