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Breastfeeding Advisor

Tandem nursing

Breastfeeding methods vary among individuals.

There are many ways to tandem nurse. You can choose how to do it according to your preferences or the age of each child.
We will introduce 2 common breastfeeding methods in this section.

Breastfeeding 2 children at the same time

The mother lets each child suck on a breast at the same time. You may think that it would be difficult to breastfeed 2 children at the same time, but it really isn't, as the older child adjusts her positioning so that she can latch on.
You can fix which breast each child sucks on when you breastfeed them, but the older child will drink breastmilk less frequently than the younger one, so you can let the younger child drink from the opposite breast when the older one is away or asleep. In consideration of eyesight development, it is better to let your baby drink from both breasts.
When you fix which breast each child sucks on, the size of each breast changes according to each child's requirements. This isn’t really a problem, but if you wish to avoid it, it's better to switch the two babies from side to side.

Breastfeeding one child at a time

The mother breastfeeds one child at a time. One child has to wait while the other is being breastfed, but the advantage is that the mother can deal with each child one by one. The older child tends to be interested in other things while he is waiting to be breastfed. However, considering the establishment of a relationship of trust, it is important to breastfeed him even if she has forgotten.


If the older child can speak

The older child sometimes feels jealous when you breastfeed two children at the same time. If the older child can speak, telling him about the baby before it’s born and showing him other babies being breastfed can help him accept the younger baby.

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