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Mechanism of breastmilk secretion

Take a look at the mechanism of breastmilk production and secretion.

Mechanism of breastmilk secretion

Action of hormones

When a baby sucks on the nipple, the stimulation is transmitted to the pituitary gland and hormones called prolactin and oxytocin are produced. Prolactin conveys commands to change blood into breastmilk, and oxytocin operates to push out the breastmilk that accumulates in the breast ducts.
Breastmilk is released when the baby sucks on the nipple. It may not work at first, as both baby and mother are beginners, but with repetition, both will grow more adept at it.

Mechanism of breastmilk secretion

The acinar is composed of a large number of acinar cells.
Breastmilk is produced in acinar cells, and secreted inside the acinar. It is released from the body through breast ducts. Myoepithelial cells around the acinar contract like a pump to discharge the breastmilk.

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