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How to care for your baby

Frequent care is necessary.

The metabolism of a newborn is incomparably better than that of an adult.
This means that frequent care is necessary.
Try to perform some of this care when it is easier, such as when the baby is asleep or just after a bath.

  • All about washing your baby
    Wash him as if you're stroking him-but be careful!


The so-called soft spot on your baby's head will be much smaller when he is about 18 months old, after his skull has come together. Until then, don't push on it-just wash his head by gently stroking it.
Lather the baby shampoo well and make sure to clean your baby's head every day.

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Wash your baby's face well with baby soap when you give him a bath, making sure to clean his cheeks, which can be come dirty with drool and milk, and his forehead, where there are many secretions from his skin.
Be sure to wipe the soap from his face with a warm, damp cloth.

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With all his baby fat, your baby has lots of crevices and wrinkles. Sweat and dirt can become trapped in these areas, and can even cause your baby to smell bad! Whenever giving him a bath, make sure to use your fingers to spread open these areas and wash them well.

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Your baby's bottom is subject to urine and stool all day long in his diapers. This is particularly true in the deep wrinkles around his crotch, which is the dirtiest part of his body-so be sure to wash this area once a day.

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  • Day-to-day care of your baby
    Your baby's beautiful-in every single nook and cranny.


Many mothers are nervous about changing diapers while the umbilical cord is still attached. But your baby's umbilical cord will fall off naturally, so please just wait.
Once it has fallen off, it is important that you continue cleaning the bellybutton with alcohol for a while and expose it to air as often as possible. You should also make sure it does not rub against his diapers. You may want to consider disposable diapers that have the area around the bellybutton cut out, especially for newborns.

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Ears and nose

  • Cleaning your baby's ears
    Use cotton swabs to remove the dirt. A tiny bit of baby oil will help make the cleaning process even easier. The best time to clean his ears is when his skin is still damp just after a bath.

  • Cleaning your baby's nose
    There is a lot of mucous trapped inside of that tiny little nose. But if you try to clean too deeply, you could damage his delicate membranes, so exercise caution. Use a narrow cotton swab for babies or tweezers with rounded tips to remove only the mucous you can see. If your baby doesn't like having his nose cleaned, clean it when he is sleeping.
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Baby's nail grow quickly and should be trimmed once a week. If not trimmed properly, a baby's long nail may scratches his face. Hold a baby's finger securely, and round the baby's nail as you trim them. Cutting nail while sleeping is best.

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