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Breastfeeding Advisor

Massaging your baby

Good for your baby's body and his heart as he feels your love

Baby massage makes your baby feel good while mom and dad gently touch him.
Cradling your baby makes him feel safe-after all, this is the first time he's been out in the world and he's full of uncertainty.

  • Preparations
    Set the room temperature to one comfortable for your baby.
    Adjust the lights in moderate brightness. You may also want to play some of your baby's favorite music.
    Lay a mat or other cushion on the floor and cover it with a large bath towel. Also prepare a diaper and wipes so you can calmly change them when your baby wets himself when he feels good from the massage.
  • Prepare some plant-derived oil
    Use plenty of oil, using your palms to gently and slowly rub it all over your baby's body.
    While you're doing this, relax, make eye contact with your baby and talk to him, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Massaging him face-up

Perform each of the massages 2-3 times.

Massaging both sides of your baby's body

Use your palm to gently massage his body, counting to 3 with each stroke. Make sure to massage all the way to his fingertips.

Stroke the sides of his face, then move down his arms to his fingers. Next, slide both hands from his underarms down the sides of his body, all the way down to his feet and toes.

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Chest massage

Gently place both of your hands in the middle of your baby's chest and gently massage, drawing the shape of a heart.

Gently place your hands on both sides of your baby. Use your thumbs to lightly massage from the middle of his chest outward.

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Belly massage

Place one of your hands on one of your baby's hands.
With the other hand, massage his belly in little circles.
Try to avoid his bellybutton.

Lightly place your hands on either side of his belly and gently rock it right and left.

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Back massage

Use both hands to gently massage your baby's shoulders, back, bottom and legs, down to his toes.

Use both hands to gently massage from his shoulders down his arms and to his fingers.

Place one of your hands gently on your baby's back, and gently draw tiny circles as you massage his shoulders, back and bottom.

Using your fingertips, gently tap on your baby's back.

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Hand massage

Take your baby's hands in your own and use your thumb to gently rub his hands, starting at the palm and working your way up his fingers. Follow with a light massage.

Use your thumbs to gently rub from the heel of your baby's hands outward to his fingertips.

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Leg and foot massage

Place a hand on your baby's leg and use your palm to gently massage from his groin to his ankles.

Using both of your hands, lightly hold his thighs and then massage to his ankles using your palm.

Use your thumbs to press on the bottom of his feet, from his heel to his toes, gently massaging as you go.

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