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Breastfeeding Advisor

How can you support your wife?

Why not help with taking care of your baby and with housework as much as you can?

Newborn babies are so cute that you just want to look at yours all the time. After your baby is born, you'll think "I'm a father!" more than before.

But, you'll probably feel uncertain about how to raise or care for your baby. During her pregnancy, your wife will get to know a lot about baby care. Naturally you may not be able to do the same, but there are things you can do for your baby because you are the father. Do your best and enjoy raising your child with your wife.

Also remember that when this is your first child, your wife will also be anxious about many things. The baby has to be fed and his diapers changed every two or three hours - she won’t be able to get enough sleep, and will always be exhausted. Of course you’re busy too, but why not help with taking care of your baby and with housework as much as you can?

What the father can do to help the mother

  1. Helping with housework and child-rearing
    With a newborn baby, the mother is constantly feeding the baby, changing diapers, bathing the baby and performing innumerable other tasks. Try to help out by doing the cleaning and the laundry and by tidying things up a little. Just taking over some of the night-time feedings and diaper changes will lighten your wife’s load considerably. When you’re not sure what you can do to help, just asking your wife directly “Is there anything I can do?” will surely lighten her mood.
  2. Communicate with your wife frequently
    Your wife no doubt has many things to tell you about your baby, whose expressions and abilities change daily. But she’s not used to taking care of a baby either, and may be feeling tired or irritated. Although you can’t be with her during work days, ask her about her day, and reassure her that your heart is always with her. Of course, when you also explain to her your own feelings, and tell her about the growth and changes you observe in your baby, the two of you will be true partners in raising your child.
  3. Together, enjoy watching your baby grow up
    You see primitive reflexes of your baby day by day. He’ll grow larger as you watch, and will begin to be able to hold his head up. His arms and legs will develop, and so will his range of facial expressions. And not just that - he’ll start to be able to express his own wishes using sounds, movements and even words. From the day he’s born and over the next few years, your baby will change in many and astonishing ways. Connect with your baby, and enjoy his growing years together with his mother!


Understand how your wife’s body changes from conception to the time after birth.

A woman’s body changes drastically during pregnancy, childbirth, and in the postpartum period. She may be bewildered by all of these changes in her own body and feelings. After giving birth, she has to begin caring for her baby before her own body even has time to recover. Learn what’s going on in her body, and as a husband, work to get and stay close to her.

The most important thing is to understand and accept the physical changes that your wife's body undergoes during this period, and enjoy the pregnancy with a light heart.

Changes during Pregnancy

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