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Breastfeeding Advisor

The baby refuses to drink expressed breastmilk in a bottle

Let your baby drink bottled milk the same way he drinks breastmilk

Reasons and methods of coping

  1. Feeling sleepy
    Your baby may not be used to using a bottle especially when he is sleepy or shortly after he wakes up.

    Method of coping: Give your baby milk after he is fully awake.
    Give your baby milk after he has woken up and is ready to drink. Your baby may not latch on well shortly after he wakes up or when he is sleepy.

  1. Not hungry
    Your baby may still be satisfied with the amount of breastmilk he had at the last feeding, and may just not be ready for the next feeding session.

    Method of coping: Don’t rush and don't force your baby to take the milk.
    Breastmilk is more easily digested than infant formula, so your baby may feel hungry after a short time. Also, breastfed babies regulate the amount of breastmilk they need when feeding at the breast though when she is offered milk in a bottle, she may drink all contents from a bottle. If you are not exclusively breastfeeding and are supplementing with formula, your baby may prefer the breastmilk. Moms are often concerned that their baby isn’t drinking enough milk or that he isn’t gaining weight smoothly, but try to relax and keep an eye out for the indications and signs that show that your baby is getting enough breastmilk, then trust in the signs.
    If you feel that either breastmilk or infant formula is insufficient, consult doctors, midwives or consultants.

  2. Discomfort in the feeding position
    It is natural to use a breastfeeding position even when you are bottle-feeding.

    Method of coping: Give your baby milk in a position that relaxes him.
    Your can help your baby feel relaxed during a feeding.

  3. Your baby is not able to relax

    Method of coping:Try to relax your baby.
    Your baby is sensitive to slight changes in the environment. If your baby feels anxious because the environment is different from usual or the weather is bad, try to make him feel relaxed by taking a walk or carrying him.

  4. Health problems/Birth defects such as cleft lip and palate
  5. Using inappropriate size of the nipple for nursing bottle
    Your baby finds drinking milk stressful when too much or too little milk comes out.

    Method of coping:Select the appropriate nipple size.
    When your baby refuses the baby bottle, there is a possibility that the nipple for the nursing bottle is not the right size. Your baby finds drinking milk stressful when too much or too little milk comes out. Check the nipple size again and select the appropriate nipple size.

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