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Breastfeeding Advisor

Learn about the wonders of breastmilk

Nursing your baby on breastmilk is not just good for the baby, it’s also great for the mother. How is breastmilk produced? What components in breastmilk are good for the baby, and why?

Hints for continuing to breastfeed

For better breastfeeding, here are some helpful hints.

What should I do when this happens? (Mother’s edition)

“I don’t think I have enough breastmilk…” “I’d like to go back to work.” We’ll answer these and others questions about the mother’s body and lifestyle.

What should I do when this happens? (Baby’s edition)

“My baby doesn’t seem to be gaining enough weight…” “My baby bites my nipples…” We’ll answer these and other questions about the baby’s body and condition.

To first-time fathers

When your first child is born, your wife will be filled with anxiety about herself and about your baby.

To medical personnel

This information is about the various conditions that prevent babies from nursing directly from the breast. We introduce various products for low-birth-weight babies, babies with cleft palates, and babies with other nursing difficulties.

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